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Core-modular interoperability architecture for modeling and simulation

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Exemplary inventive practice provides initially for designation of all tasks contemplated for performance in the context of an interoperability architecture for computer modeling/simulation. Task requirements afford the bases for determining the models to be incorporated and the functionalities to be carried out in the architecture. The major architectural elements are the core, the interface, and the modules. The core is compartmentalized. Each module constitutes an individual model. Each functionality is allocated to either the core or at least one module, with the guiding principle that a functionality that characterizes the modules in general should be situated in the core, in at least one category. The interface provides for plug-and-play functionality of the modules. The architecture operates in an iterative three-phase cycle: modules write data to the core; the core processes data; modules read updated core data. The invention reduces model development, increases code reuse, and promotes interoperability of diverse models.

Rutkowski, Krzysztof J.; Farley, Stephen M.
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IT and Software
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1,289 days
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