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System and method for sun glint correction of split focal plane visible and near infrared imagery

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A computer implemented method and system for reducing sunglint effects in a multispectral digital image from a satellite multiband imager having a sampling time delay between collection of a first bandset and a second bandset, each bandset including a near infrared band and a plurality of other wavelength bands. For each bandset separately, extract pixels in a window surrounding a current pixel, determine a local low glint value as the characteristic value of a small subset of pixels in the window having the lowest near infrared reflectance values, determine a near infrared glint value by subtracting the local low glint value from the near infrared reflectance value of the current pixel, and determine glint-corrected values for each of the wavelength bands by subtracting the local low glint value from each wavelength band reflectance value. A second pass can apply a near infrared band subtraction correction to all bands of the first bandset and the second bandset. The satellite imager can be the WorldView-2 or WorldView-3 system.

Patterson, Karen W.
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IT and Software
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487 days
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