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Hexagonal tube stacking method for the fabrication of hollow core photonic band gap fibers and preforms

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The present invention is generally directed to a method of making a hollow-core photonic band gap preform from a specialty glass by pressing a specialty glass through a die to form a tube wherein the outer transverse shape of the tube is a hexagon, triangle, quadrilateral, or other polygon; stretching the tube to form a micro-tube with approximately the same outer transverse shape as the tube; stacking a plurality of micro-tubes into a bundle minimizing voids between adjacent micro-tubes and forming a central longitudinal void wherein the plurality of micro-tubes within the bundle comprise an inner structured region of the preform and the central void of the bundle comprises a hollow core in the preform; and inserting the bundle into a jacket tube. Also disclosed are the hollow-core photonic band gap preform and fiber formed by this method.

Gibson, Daniel J.; Sanghera, Jasbinder S.; Kung, Frederic H.; Aggarwal, Ishwar D.
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Machines and Processing
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2,080 days
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