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Method and apparatus for separation of components of differing buoyancy mixed into a flowing fluid

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A flow separation system for separating multicomponent fluids into components having different buoyancies. The system can deaerate fluids, and segregate solid particles into a channel for removal or real time particle analysis. The system can have, positioned axially within a housing, a cup shaped first member having an axial passageway and a concave inner surface, a second member with a surface that forms a gap with the first member, the gap directing the flow into at least one helical channel. The flow exits the helical channel into a separation chamber positioned between the second member and a third member and separates into spinning heavier flow portion and a more buoyant portion that is driven toward the central axis. The third member has central fluid passageway that collects the higher buoyancy fluid and least one other fluid passageway for carrying lower buoyancy fluid, with an inlet positioned radially outward of the central fluid passageway.

Howard, Paul L.; Reintjes, John F.; Mcclelland, Thomas L.; Tucker, John E.
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Chemical engineering
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704 days
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