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Demosaicking system and method for color array based multi-spectral sensors

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A computer-implemented demosaicking system and method that can receive an image (or many images that represent individual frames of a video) at a demosaicking processor from a multi-spectral band camera. The image can include four or more band images that each correspond to an unique spectral band obtained by the multi-spectral band camera. A clustering module can perform spectral clustering of the four or more band images to identify multiple clusters. For each of the plurality of clusters, a weights module can determine a cluster weight by computing correlations between each of the unique spectral bands in each cluster. A super-resolution module can perform super-resolution for each of the unique spectral bands by utilizing the cluster weights from the weights module. The super-resolution module can iteratively apply the super-resolution for each of the unique spectral bands and a value for each unique spectral band can be updated after each iteration.

Kanaev, Andrey V.
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IT and Software
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361 days
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