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Dimensional measurement apparatus for a cylindrical object

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According to exemplary inventive practice, a cylindrical object is secured by a rotatable mechanism. Via a motor controller and corresponding motor actuators, a computer exercises motional control as follows: (i) rotation of the rotatable mechanism, and hence of the cylindrical object, about the cylindrical axis; (ii) linear movement of a positionally adjustable LVDT along the cylindrical axis; and, (iii) linear movement of the positionally adjustable LVDT perpendicular to the cylindrical axis. The computer varies the rotational position of the cylindrical axis, varies the Cartesian planar/spatial position of the positionally adjustable LVDT, and receives measurements taken by the positionally adjustable LVDT under these varying conditions. Based on the measuremental input, the computer evaluates the surface profile of the cylindrical object. Exemplary inventive practice may also provide for at least one fixed LVDT providing measurements relating to cylindrical length and/or cylindrical end surface profile (e.g., in terms of axial perpendicularity).

Goldberg, Nicholas S.; Leon, Raymond S.; Orlowski, Kevin R.
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Sensors and Measurement
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473 days
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