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Symmetical initiation distributor for use in explosive detonation trains with an offset orientation

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An initiation distributor includes two plates coupled in a spaced-apart fashion. Each plate includes detonation transfer holes. A face of one plate has a depression and defined channels leading from the depression to the plate's detonation transfer holes, and has a detonation transfer port located in line with a plate's channels. The second plate has a detonation transfer port, and channels defined in its face that lead from the plate's detonation transfer port to its detonation transfer holes. Each of one plate's detonation transfer holes can be aligned with one of the second plate's detonation holes. A conduit couples the detonation transfer ports in the two plates with a pathway defined between the depression and each of the plates' detonation transfer holes. Explosive material fills the depression, all channels, all detonation transfer holes, all detonation transfer ports, and the conduit.

Lanterman, Daniel; Sherlock, Mary; Rolfe, George Shane; Young, Taylor
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Machines and Processing
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432 days
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