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Modular charge system

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A modular charge system based on a standard module fitted with a flying plate or a liner and axially coupled to other modules to configure the size and type of charge. The explosive is enclosed in a casing, which has a cylindrical wall with a plurality of external longitudinal rails that run lengthwise. The rails are substantially parallel, and approximately equidistantly spaced around the perimeter of the casing. The space between a pair of rails defines a channel. The casing rails function as a cylindrical tamper. The explosive is partitioned into removable portions and permanent portions, where the removable portions are separated from the permanent portions and any retained removable portions, therein enabling the module to be fitted with a variety of flying plates, liners and other hardware. Modules may be coupled utilizing internal slides, positioned in the channels to join modules.

Frericks, Lonnie; Higdon, Thomas; Lincoln, Michael D.; Brush, Bob; Hovenga, Mitchell
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Machines and Processing
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907 days
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