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System and method for remote full field three-dimensional displacement and strain measurements

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A method and system for measuring full field deformation characteristics in three dimensions of a body upon which a pattern of visible marks has been applied. The method includes receiving images of the pattern of marks from at least two digital video cameras as the specimen deforms. A computer processor identifies the centroids of each of the two camera images of the body in a first frame, matches the centroids of the marks in the two images, and generates a three-dimensional representation of the centroids based on the two images, and repeats these steps for the images from the two cameras in a subsequent frame. The computer processor calculates the displacement vector between a three dimensional representation of the centroids and the subsequent three dimensional representation of the centroids, and calculates full field displacement and strain fields based on the displacement vector.

Michopoulos, John G.; Iliopoulos, Athanasios; Andrianopoulos, Nikos P.
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,034 days
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