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Spectrally resolved pulse height analysis for neutron-gamma discrimination

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Typical practice of the present invention performs measurement and processing of two forms of light emissions—viz., unfiltered and filtered—of a core-valence luminescent (CVL) scintillator impinged by ionizing radiation emanating from a radioactive source. When unfiltered, the CVL scintillator light emission is inclusive of gamma emissions and neutron emissions. When filtered by a filtering apparatus that transmits CVL light only, the CVL scintillator light emission is inclusive of gamma emissions but is exclusive of neutron emissions. Algorithmic comparison between the two sets of empirical data provides discriminative information regarding gamma emissions versus neutron emissions. Essentially, the difference is taken between the unfiltered pulse height spectra data and the filtered pulse height data. The set of pulse height spectral data thus computed via subtraction is indicative of the portion of the CVL scintillator light emissions that is inclusive of neutron emissions but is exclusive of gamma emissions.

Mathur, Veerendra K.; Barkyoumb, John H.; Guardala, Noel A.
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Environmental Technology
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1,322 days
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