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Holder that converges jets created by a plurality of shape charges

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A shape charge holder includes a platform where all the charges are symmetrically positioned about equidistance from each adjacent charge and about an equal distance from a center point. The center point is generally the centroid of the platform. The holder has an explosive bridge fixture which enables simultaneous detonation of at least three shape charges. The charges are angularly mounted in sockets having holes through the platform. When detonated, each jet formed by the exploding shape charge proceeds to a convergence point located orthogonal to the platform. The holder includes a supporting structure that establishes a standoff distance of the platform/charges from a target. In operation, the explosive fixture is attached to each charge and is filled with an explosive that extends to each charge. The explosive fixture includes a single igniter assuring that when the explosive is detonated, so are the shape charges.

Brown, Lance; Chamberlain, Keith; Banks, Gordon
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Machines and Processing
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585 days
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