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Multispectral infrared simulation target array

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A composite infrared target simulation display system for field testing of infrared (IR) search and track, guidance and general sensory systems. The system includes one or more tileable emitter arrays scalable without systemic size limitation. The emitter arrays are square faced tiles housing power and control electronics to autonomously display a stored infrared test image according to parameters distributed by a control host and a timing signal. A face of the emitter array is divided into regularly spaced pixel positions, each made up of multiple IR emitters operating in differing regions of the IR band to display an image. Multiple emitter array tiles are joined to form a complete system. Each emitter of each pixel position is individually addressable to be individually controllable with respect to emittance state for displaying an image. Multiple images may be sequentially displayed to replicate a simulated target signature in motion.

Eaton, Deran S.; Daily, Robert M.; Torres, Yolanda; Dulcey, Joseph J.
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Machines and Processing
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1,306 days
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