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Defects annealing and impurities activation in III-nitride compound

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A GaN sample in a sealed enclosure is heated very fast to a high temperature above the point where GaN is thermodynamically stable and is then cooled down very fast to a temperature where it is thermodynamically stable. The time of the GaN exposure to a high temperature range above its thermodynamic stability is sufficiently short, in a range of few seconds, to prevent the GaN from decomposing. This heating and cooling cycle is repeated multiple times without removing the sample from the enclosure. As a result, by accumulating the exposure time in each cycle, the GaN sample can be exposed to a high temperature above its point of thermodynamic stability for a long time but the GaN sample integrity is maintained (i.e., the GaN doesn't decompose) due to the extremely short heating duration of each single cycle.

Feigelson, Boris N.; Anderson, Travis; Kub, Francis J.
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Materials and Coatings
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711 days
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