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Quantum based information transmission system and method

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A method and system of data transmission; the method comprising: converting data into qubits; transmitting a first qubit; measuring the first qubit at receiver location; determining whether or not to transmit portions of data from a sequential successive qubit based upon the value of the first qubit measured at the receiver location. The system comprising a sender and at least one receiver, the sender comprising: a converter for converting data into qubits; a modulator for modulating a signal based upon the values of the qubits; a transmitter for transmitting the modulated signal to at least one receiver; the at least one receiver comprising: a detector for measuring the value of at least one qubit; a feedback circuit for transmitting the measured value of the at least one qubit to the sender; whereby the transmission of data for each successive qubit is based upon the value measured for the preceding qubit and the sender utilizes only the data for each successive qubits which correlates to the measured value of the preceding qubit.

Meyers, Ronald Everett; Deacon, Keith Scott
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Materials and Coatings
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1,271 days
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