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Methods and systems of purchase contract price adjustment calculation tools

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Allowability, allocability and adjustment of contract prices are determined using a computer system, based on SERVICE CONTRACT ACT wage determination rules. Upon receiving a request for a contract price adjustment from a contractor, the contractor is required to submit the proposed price adjustment in an electronic spreadsheet format. Information from the spreadsheet is stored and made available electronically to the program. If the proposed price adjustment contains DAVIS BACON ACT hours, then the DBA hours are filtered using a governing wage determination raw data field for separate calculations using applicable rules and regulations. Payroll taxes and appropriate adjustment entitlement values are automatically calculated and the program determines, appropriate price adjustments. Pivot tables are used to summarize and visualize the adjustments and helpful tips are provided on worksheets for ease of understanding and confirming allowability, allocability and accuracy of the request for price adjustment.

Wade, Laura Kimberly
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IT and Software
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