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Method and apparatus for measuring fiber twist by polarization tracking

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A method of measuring fiber twist in a multi-core optical fiber bearing an FBG with polarization dependent reflectivity. The state of polarization of the launched light is adjusted until the reflected FBG wavelength is maximal, indicating that light reaching the FBG is linearly polarized, and the polarization axis of the light reaching the FBG is aligned with the slow birefringent axis of the FBG; the SOP of launched light is now measured. Bending experienced by the fiber is measured conventionally, and birefringence produced by bending of the multi-core optical fiber is calculated. A candidate amount of twist between the launch location and the FBG is proposed, and the corresponding twist-induced birefringence is calculated. When calculations show that light with the launched SOP becomes linearly polarized and aligned with the FBG after traversing a fiber section with the calculated birefringences and proposed rotation, the amount of twist has been properly identified.

Askins, Charles G.
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Sensors and Measurement
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313 days
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