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Distributed time-reversal mirror array

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A distributed time reversal mirror array (DTRMA) system includes a plurality of independent, sparsely distributed time reversal mirrors (TRMs). Each of the TRMs includes an antenna; a transceiver connected to the antenna for transmitting a signal toward a target, for receiving a return, reflected signal from the target, and for retransmitting a time-reversed signal toward the target: means for phase-locking and for maintaining spatial and temporal coherences between the TRMs; and a computer including a machine-readable storage media having programmed instructions stored thereon for computing and generating the time-reversed retransmitted signal, thereby providing a phased array functionality for the DTRMA while minimizing distortion from external sources. The DTRMA is capable of operating in an autonomous, unattended, and passive state, owing to the time-reversal's self-focusing feature. The beam may be sharply focused on the target due to the coherently synthesized extended aperture over the entire array.

Paek, Eung Gi; Choe, Joon Y.
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Sensors and Measurement
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782 days
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