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Inhalation system and method

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A system includes but is not limited to at least one manifold; an inhalant dissemination device coupled to the at least one manifold; an inhalant characterization device coupled to the at least one manifold; and a control module operably coupled to the inhalant dissemination device and the inhalant characterization device, said control module configured to (a) determine an inhalant concentration in a manifold, and (b) calculate at least one of a retrospective and a prospective inhaled dose in response to the inhalant concentration, and (c) start and stop a flow through the manifold until the at least one of the retrospective and the prospective inhaled dose is greater than or equal to a specified dose. A method includes but is not limited to starting a flow of an inhalant through a manifold; determining an inhalant concentration of the inhalant in the manifold; and stopping the flow of the inhalant through the manifold when the inhalant concentration is in a first specified inhalant-concentration range.

Hartings, Justin M.; Roy, Chad J.; Liverette, Gerald M.
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Machines and Processing
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3,445 days
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