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System and method for automated discovery, binding, and integration of non-registered geospatial web services

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A method and computer system for identifying internet web pages containing documents that comply with a predetermined XML schema. The method includes searching the internet with a search engine for web pages using initial search terms and identifying a first set of HTTP URLs, web crawling at least the first set of HTTP URLs to identify additional HTTP URLs, appending a query to the identified URLs, and evaluating the responses to the query to determine which responses comply with the predetermined XML schema. The XML schema can be a Web Mapping Services schema. The system can store responses that comply with the XML schema in a database of servers, periodically check the database for validity, and convert the map requests for map servers in the database to a GIDB Portal Interface API.

Sample, John T.; Shulman, Lev I.; Mccreedy, Frank P.
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IT and Software
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659 days
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