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Metallized fibers and method therefor

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This invention pertains to a product and a method for preparing same. The product is an electrically conducting metallized fibers and a non-conducting composite containing the metallized fibers. In a preferred embodiment, the product is a composite of metallized cellulose fibers disposed in an electrically non-conducting matrix. The method includes the steps of hydrating cellulose fibers to prevent absorption of chemical reagents; activating the cellulose surface of the fibers for metal deposition; removing from the fibers excess activator and reagents used in the activation; drying the fibers to a free-flowing condition whereby the fibers acquire the color of the activator by virtue of its deposition on the fibers; metallizing the fibers to deposit thereon a metal capable of absorbing electromagnetic radiation; drying the metallized fibers whereby they are free-flowing; and forming a composite composed of an electrically non-conductive matrix having dispersed therein the matallized fibers.

Zabetakis, Daniel; Schoen, Paul E.; Dinderman, Michael A.
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Textiles and Paper
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2,336 days
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