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Natural language database searching using morphological query term expansion

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The present invention is a method of database searching. First, a language is selected. Next, elements are received. The system is then searched to identify at least one unit number that is associated with a chosen element, the unit number being linked to a data unit containing morphological variants of the element. If no unit number is identified, the element is compared to a prefix list. If no match is found there, the element is broken into a prefix and suffix, and the prefix and suffix are matched to a prefix list, suffix list or a unit number. This process is repeated for all elements. A unit number associated with each element is then chosen, and the elements contained in the data units linked to the unit numbers are compared to a database. The results are displayed and preferably ranked according to user preferences. If an element is associated with multiple unit numbers, this process is repeated until all data units have been compared to the database.

Lawler, Nancy Kathleen
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IT and Software
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1,908 days
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