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Method for fabricating junction termination extension with formation of photosensitive dopant mask to control doping profile and lateral width for high-voltage electronic devices

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Methods for producing a junction termination extension surrounding the edge of a cathode or anode junction in a semiconductor substrate, where the junction termination extension has a controlled arbitrary lateral doping profile and a controlled arbitrary lateral width, are provided. A photosensitive material is illuminated through a photomask having a pattern of opaque and clear spaces therein, the photomask being separated from the photosensitive material so that the light diffuses before striking the photosensitive material. After processing, the photosensitive material so exposed produces a laterally tapered implant mask. Dopants are introduced into the semiconductor material and follow a shape of the laterally tapered implant mask to create a controlled arbitrary lateral doping profile and a controlled lateral width in the junction termination extension in the semiconductor.

Imhoff, Eugene A.; Kub, Francis J.; Hobart, Karl D.
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Materials and Coatings
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379 days
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