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Direct-write laser transfer and processing

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A device and method for depositing a material of interest onto a receiving substrate includes a first laser and a second laser, a receiving substrate, and a target substrate. The target substrate comprises a laser transparent support having a back surface and a front surface. The front surface has a coating that comprises the source material, which is a material that can be transformed into the material of interest. The first laser can be positioned in relation to the target substrate so that a laser beam is directed through the back surface of the target substrate and through the laser-transparent support to strike the coating at a defined location with sufficient energy to remove and lift the source material from the surface of the support. The receiving substrate can be positioned in a spaced relation to the target substrate so that the source material is deposited at a defined location on the receiving substrate. The second laser is then positioned to strike the deposited source material to transform the source material into the material of interest.

Piqué, Alberto; Auyeung, Raymond; Fitzgerald, James; Chrisey, Douglas B.; Wu, Huey-daw; Kydd, Paul; Richard, David L.
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Materials and Coatings
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2,071 days
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