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Maneuvering of submerged waterjet propelled sea craft

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The stern hull portion of a sea craft through which main exit flow channels extend to projecting jet propulsion nozzles, is provided with facilities for controlled maneuvering of the sea craft, including steering, stopping, negative thrust backing and docking without substantial hydrodynamic loading and with facilitated installation. Such maneuvering control facilities include a secondary flow channel extending from each of the main exit flow channels having two angularly related subchannel branches for pressurized water outflow through gated openings in the hull from which propulsion jets emerge under maneuvering control. Either control of a subchannel diverting flapper, or by use of selective closure gates and a flow diverting flap within the main exit flow channel, maneuvering may be effected in response to inflow through inlet openings in the hull of water that is pressurized before supply to the main exit flow channels.

Shen, Young T.; Dai, Charles M.; Cox, Bruce D.
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Handling and Transportation
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550 days
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